The Utah Sheriffs’ Association is a professional and educational organization dedicated to the protection and peace of the lives and property of the citizens of Utah.

21st Annual

Corrections and Law Enforcement Conference

St. George, Utah

Dixie Conference Center

September 18-21



Welcome to the Utah Sheriffs’ Association (USA) official site. We are pleased to present the highlights, accomplishments, public safety initiatives and future focus of the Utah Sheriffs serving 29 counties in the state of Utah.  Our website provides information on all aspects of the role of Sheriff and provides you, our visitors, with the latest information on significant legislative, legal and training issues that impact our communities and those professional men and women who serve to protect you every day.

Our mission as an Association is to assist Sheriffs in their duty to preserve and protect the Office of Sheriff and to provide training to our staff and to give professional law enforcement services to the citizens of our state.  Utah Sheriffs are unique to Utah law enforcement. We are elected, and ultimately that means we are accountable to the citizens of the county we serve. Every four years, we put our records’ up for approval. The citizens, through the election process approve the work we do.

The USA recognizes and values the partnerships we have with our Honorary Members as well as with our business and law enforcement members. We cannot accomplish the fundamental principles of our organization and goals in our Mission without you. Thank you for your continued membership and support. If you are not a member, please consider joining by completing the membership application on our website.

I would like to hit on a low point in law enforcement during 2015. Law Enforcement training focuses on making critical decisions under stress within the law and policies. These decisions and actions are immediately put on trial in the court of public opinion.

We live in a society in which violence can occur without notice. Deputies face making split-second decisions when encountering an aggressive offender.   Those encounters in most situations only last a few seconds, but those seconds are filled with extreme terror and violence and in some cases they change lives forever.

I think that it is important for Law Enforcement to know that the majority of Americans understand what we are there for, and support us trying to make our communities a safer place to live.

Each day, deputies in your agency and across Utah put on a uniform and a badge and report for duty. They do so with a commitment to serve and protect the community, regardless of the dangers they may face. We all rely upon these deputies to be consistently vigilant, responsive and to keep our neighborhoods safe. 

I believe in today’s world it is imperative that each of us work with our communities so we can live peacefully, and be able to raise our families in a safe environment. To achieve that goal we must keep our conduct open and honest, continue to support each other and remember we are here for the citizens we serve. 

Be safe, happy, healthy, and maintain a positive belief that we will overcome any obstacles that may face us in the future and you do make a difference.

I am honored to serve as your President of the Utah Sheriff’s Association and look forward to 2016. Thank you for your support of our Association and the Office of Sheriff!

Sheriff Robert A. Dekker